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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Takumi Saito

Name: Takumi Saito | 工斎藤
Birthday: 22 August 1981 in Tokyo
Height: 184 cm
Blood type: A
Official website: saitoh-takumi.jp

Next to being an actor Takumi Saito is also modeling and singing. He played Yuushi Oshitari at the "Prince of Tennis" musical. In 2007 he released a mini-album called "Kokoro no Gururi".


- Jellyfish Eyes | Mememe no Kurage (2013)
- For Love's Sake | Ai to Makoto (2012) as Iwashimizu
- Ace Attorney | Gyakuten Saiban (2012) as Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth)
- Helldriver (2011)
- Saibancho! Koko wa Choeki 4 nen de Dodesuka (2010)
- Thirteen Assassins | Juusan-nin no shikaku (2010) as Uneme Makino
- Shibuya (2010)
- Space Battleship Yamato | Uchu senkan Yamato (2010) as Akira Yamamoto
- Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl | Kyuketsu Shojo tai Shojo Furanken (2009)
- Elevator Trap | Akumu no Elevator (2009)
- Cafe Seoul (2009)
- Kujira: Gokudo no Shokutaku (2009)
- Shunkinsho (2008)
- Tamami: The Baby's Curse | Akanbo shojo (2008)
- Clearness | Kurianesu (2007) as Ryo
- Itsuka no kimi e (2007) - Noboru/Ryu Fukami
- Sukitomo (2006) as Tomokazu
- Boys Love (2006) as Noeru Kisaragi
- Ulysses (2006) as Sarai
- The Prince of Tennis | Tennis no oujisama (2006) as Bystander
- Limit of Love: Umizaru (2006)
- Forbidden Siren 2 | Siren 2 (2006) as Mamoru Itsuki
- Kabuto-O Beetle (2005)
- Toki no kaori: Remember me (2001) as Yuji

- Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de (2013) as Keita Iwase
- Karamazofu no Kyoudai (2013) as Mitsuru Kurosawa (oldest son)
- Yae no Sakura (2013) as Shuri Jinbo
- Boys on the Run (2012) as Takahiro Aoyama
- 37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku ~Kenshui Junjo Monogatari~ (2012) as Satoru Niimi
- Yokai Ningen Bem (2011) as Yutaka Sasayama (ep.5)
- QP (2011) as Ryo Azuma
- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (2011) - Hagane no Onna Season 2 (2011) as Kyohei Mizushima
- Saijo no Meii (2011) as Mikoto Saijou
- Gou ~Himetachi no Sengoku~ (NHK / 2011) as Takatsugu Kyogoku
- SPEC ~ First Blood (2010) in 2nd episode
- Chase - Kokuzei Sasatsukan (2010)
- Otokomae! 2 (2009)
- Otokomae! (2008)
- Princess Princess D (2008)
- Full Swing (2008)
- Kaze no hate (2007)
- Boys Este (2007)
- Be-Bop High School (2004)
- You're Under Arrest | Taiho Shichauzo (2002)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boys Love [DVD Edition]

Name: Boys Love
Released: 24-11-2006
Directed by: Kotaro Terauchi
Starring: Yoshikazu Kotani, Takumi Saito, Hiroya Matsumoto, Masashi Taniguchi

The movie tells the story of Taishin Mamiya (Yoshikazu Kotani), a magazine editor who had to interview the young high school model, Noeru Kisaragi (Takumi Saito). Despite Noeru's bad attitude, an enchanting picture of the ocean Noeru drew leads Mamiya to invite him out for dinner. They connect at the restaurant, but in the bathroom Noeru solicits Mamiya sexually. The next morning, Noeru's office calls the magazine office where Mamiya works and tell them that their editor was rude and he has to come and apologize. When Mamiya goes to Noeru's house to deliver the apology, he sees Noeru with a dirty-looking man in the bedroom. Mamiya is shocked to discover at this moment that his interest in Noeru goes beyond article research - he truly wants to know more about him. Besides this there is also Noeru's classmate Chidori Furumura (Hiroya Matsumoto) who loves him very much and becomes jealous of the upcoming friendship of Noeru und Mamiya.

My opinion: ★★★★★
If I remember right this was the first BL movie I ever watched - and I was very impressed. It's a really wonderful movie, heart-touching and unfortunately very sad. I cried very much at the end. Something really great is the point that they always show quotations of famous people about love which are connected to the story. A most have seen movie for all fans of BL! And also Takumi Saito is great (^-^)~

More information:
This movie was released on DVD in 2006 and later there was another movie made for cinema. The story of the movie was adapted as a manga with the same name by Kaim Tachibana.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Entry - Searching for more

Hello everyone. So this is the first entry on this site before I begin to post more.
I already have watched many BL movies and I now reached a point there I can't find more.

If you know some other BL movies which are not in the list below please tell me!!

So here is a lost of the movies I already have watched (last updated: 2011-03-26)

- Ai no Kotodama
- Bokura no Ai no Kanade
- Boys Love (DVD Edition)
- Boys Love (Theater Edition)
- Itsuka no kimi e
- Kindan no Koi
- Ren Ai Shinda (in parts, haven't found everything yet)
- Sukitomo
- Summer Vacation 1999
- Taiikukan Baby
- Takumi-kun (1+2)
- Waterboys (movie + drama in parts)

Here are also some non-japanese bl movie I have watched, but I prefer Japanese one.
- Bishonen
- Eternal Summer
- Formular 17