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Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Entry - Searching for more

Hello everyone. So this is the first entry on this site before I begin to post more.
I already have watched many BL movies and I now reached a point there I can't find more.

If you know some other BL movies which are not in the list below please tell me!!

So here is a lost of the movies I already have watched (last updated: 2011-03-26)

- Ai no Kotodama
- Bokura no Ai no Kanade
- Boys Love (DVD Edition)
- Boys Love (Theater Edition)
- Itsuka no kimi e
- Kindan no Koi
- Ren Ai Shinda (in parts, haven't found everything yet)
- Sukitomo
- Summer Vacation 1999
- Taiikukan Baby
- Takumi-kun (1+2)
- Waterboys (movie + drama in parts)

Here are also some non-japanese bl movie I have watched, but I prefer Japanese one.
- Bishonen
- Eternal Summer
- Formular 17


  1. Have you also watched Takumi-Kun 3,4&5? Haha :) I loved that series. I also finished watching Fujimi Orchestra, Junjou Pure Heart, Itsuka no Kimi e, & a lot of others you have listed on the site...currently looking for more T-T