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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seven Days (セブンデイズ)

Name:    Seven Days Monday → Thursday | Seven Days Friday → Sunday
Japanese name:     セブンデイズ
Released:    6 June / 4 July 2015
Directed by:    Kenji Yokoi
Written by:    Benio Tachibana (manga), Rihito Takarai (manga), Natsuko Takahashi
Starring:    Tomoki Hirose, James Takeshi Yamada, Hinako Tanaka, Yuki Hiyori, Yukihiro Takiguchi

Seryou Touji is known in the whole school for having a new relationship every week with the first person who asks him out on Monday morning. As a half hearted joke Shino Yuzuru asked him, not expecting to be taken seriously. However, Touji accepted the request and so their one-week-relationship begins. Yuzuru knew for sure he will be dumped on Sunday. Just going for an act of friendship, suddenly feelings appeared on Yuzuru's side. But what about Touji? What will happen to them on Sunday?

My opinion: ★★★★★
I really loved the manga which I read some years before and was totally happy when I heard a live action movie of it will be released. The movie is close to the original story, but sometimes goes a little bit slow. However, I like how all the misunderstandings and feelings are shown. A soft bl movie which goes to your heart.

More information:
The two movies are based on the same named manga by Tachibana Venio which was published from 2007 to 2009 in 13 chapters. They also have an official website with trailers and information (Japanese only).